When she reached to hold my hand

She pulled the medicine pouch around my neck close

Tobacco, nesting in our palms

Warmth, through love

It shone

Cole Forrest


My grandmother’s watch

sits in an small box

when I sleep, or try to, it ticks

a small, faint tick,

but to me, it is as though the clock is up against my head

unwavering, methodical, relentless

It was a long time ago, a light in my life

I opened the box one day, it was suppose to rain but it didn’t

I’m unsure why

My grandmother’s watch stopped ticking

At a quarter after 7 last night

The rain stopped

Sleep well

Cole Forrest


Pennies For Dreams

My little dreams

Seem to slip away

Through the cracks of my fingers

And flow over top my finger tips

While I admire what’s already lost


Cole Forrest

From Atop The Stairs

I see them, but they either refuse to see me or don’t look back

For one reason or another, they haven’t come up here yet

Their boots, caked wet from the rain outside

They stamp, as if angry at who ever is down there

I don’t live here anymore,

I thought this would be a good time

but I suppose timing is everything

I will sit

and watch from atop

Cole Forrest

The Sky World

I am sad, clad in blue

The billows of smoke have risen from where I wish they hadn’t

Stars do not align in my minutes of hunger

The cold wraps its arms around my chest while the monsters attempt pull it away from me

The feeling


I am sad, clad in blue

She yells for me

They scream for me in the dark, my window is more than a doorway, it is a vortex

Morbid and vorpal, my toes fidget as my eyes watch on

I hear the howl  of the monster

I am sad, clad in blue

Cole Forrest

Death In The Family

Although I have stumbled on roots

I have not forgotten what the leaves have taught me

Stay light

Speak loud when you fall

Let the forest hear you

Fall with grace, drift, sit, bask

Feeling uplifted, I am colored by my surroundings

We speak to be heard, despite living chipped, cracked

We all stumble on roots

I have forgotten what the trees have taught me

My family

Cole Forrest

Rosey And Teacup

It felt as though the teacup smashing across the room was reminiscent of how it felt when my heart was broken

As blood pours

The gold rimmed cup painted over by the crimson that dripped from the paint brush you called your fingers

Every nail caked, dripping

You smile with your bright white teeth, a contrast

Torn, a dilemma for where are my eyes to look

I am scattered like shards of ceramics

My bones, delicately hand made

But fragility was never a worry

A tiny kitchen, We sit

Cole Forrest